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  • In all seriousness, Oracle made some valid points and Buster has been hinting at soemthing hidden but right in front of our eyes this whole time. Buster may be bluffing for more out of his short who knows.

    Im sitting here wondering if LF actually does have a chance to get back up. If the earnings is a blowout, its obvious. Todays news about the malls, retail (WMT is up however) and the volume yesterday on the decline does disturb me.

    If this is the bottom, this is great but Oracle had some points about the $20-$22 range. If that is true and with any more neg PR it goes there, then when earnings come out it would give it a push maybe to where we are at today or possibly $29 or so and stalls.

    I dunn, guess Im raving here but something to think about. Never seriously thought there would be so many nose dives for a solid company. My time horizon is unlimited but who wants to be stuck in the long run.

    My 2 cts (seems that is what is left).


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