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  • vanheus44 vanheus44 Feb 9, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    The reason LF crashed

    I think many on this board need a little bit of a reality check-- even Cramer stated he did not like the business LF was in-- and thus it was a "sell, sell, sell." LF could have posted earning twice as good as it did, and the shares still would have gone down. Why? Investors look out 1 or 2 years-- and are very nervous about increased competition in the sector of children's tablets. A company like "Apple" has the potential to sell a tablet for kids at $99 dollars that would immediately crush LF. It has not happened, but investors don't want to invest when they are concerned about the long-term viability of a company. Anyway, its that simple-- and LF could go below $8 next week. Mobile advertising is a much more profitable, and growing sector-- think about going long in the best in breed in the business-- VELT. Cheers

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    • 11 thumbs down, and in my view, this was most balanced preview of LF so far.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Your post makes it very obvious that you have no children. If you do, you aren't paying attention to them! The leap pad is not about just handing a child a toy and sending them off to a corner out of your way. It is about giving them something that is an educational learning TOOL that you can keep track of their progress and what they have learned from it. Another words interact and be part of their learning experience. Leapfrog is also set up to change the learning level accordingly on each app if it is too hard for one child or too easy for another. It's not just a square plastic thingy that apple or any other company can just slap together a copy of. Toys R us already tried that....didn't work out too well. Apple is for ADULTS and has adult content...not going to work.

    • Very smart marketer anal-easys. watch and learn for the coming days, you will understand something in the stock market if you are smarter then the average!

    • Your main thesis is that LF will go down because of competition, but your proposing VELT as a buy? I hope youv been holding VELT for a few weeks and lost 30% of your money when the CFO #$%$ up. I almost bought that POS, glad I did not. The recovery hasen't happened, because if anything VELT is appropriately priced for now.

    • Would have, could have, should have , none of that has happen and you don't change a winning business plan that's working ! You could get killed walking to the store. You can't worry about everything that might happen you have to move forward and that is what LeapFrog is doing. Look at Kodak, invented the digital camera but sat on it because of hurting film profits. Now they are BK and soon to be no more because they didn't move forward !

    • Appple cannot produce a $99 tablet without committing price fratricide on their entire product line.

      It simply won't happen until Apple products can no longer command a price premium.

      Also, Apple would have to take a serious relook at their retail store model before they allow 2-5 year olds in large numbers to poke around an Apple Store.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You have no idea what you are talking about go back to watching cartoons this stock is over $9 and only up from here, this has to be the dumbest message I've read in weeks.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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