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  • timintaz1 timintaz1 Jun 10, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

    Sucker's Game

    DO NOT invest in most any stock, especially this one, hoping to make money capitalizing from a buyout. Pure and simple a fool's game. It's the metaphoric equivalent of getting into a relationship with some rich guy (or girl for that matter), hoping and expecting some day you'll get married reaping the benefits of the said union. Stupid with a capital "S." You could and usually are strung along until your investment eventually becomes tired, old, and much less attractive LOL!!!! Just commit and sit, but think with your mind, wallet, timeline, and not your crazy heart. Food for thought I guess. TAZ

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    • Hey #$%$, who said LF was for sale and if so we'd take any offer. The current valuation on Leap Frog is a joke; a myopic view of this educational giant. Only a sucker would short this cash rich, growth play. What price will shorty cover? You know the float Buffett, what will your price be? The funny thing about a buyout of LF is if it does come up, say someone offers $16 a share. LF will trade at least $2 over the offer price, you know that don't you. Sleep tight.

    • Tim - I buy a stock because I consider it to be undervalued for the time frame I consider holding it for. If it is suddenly bought out at a premium, that validates my original thinking. If it rises because of fundamental factors, that also validates my thinking.

      In either case, given its fat balance sheet, earnings history and prospects, LF in the single digits is IMO significantly undervalued.

      No reason to be cynical otherwise.


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