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  • marcchen888 marcchen888 Apr 19, 2011 3:00 AM Flag

    This fund has great performance, but

    could the great performance over the last year be due to the fact that the fund is getting inflow of money, and the fund buy the same bonds that they already hold.
    this will drive up the bond prices that they hold.

    after the inflow slows, then the bond prices drop.

    maybe, i am just being paranoid; but after the last few years, only the paranoid survived and thrived.

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    • Very doubtful. A $6B fund is very small in the scheme of things with Trillion$ of these bonds in the market. It is doubtful that even a $60B fund could influence pricing more than a few days. This fund is way too small and the performance of this fund is real and sustained too long for that. Why are you so paranoid? You have to think long term and move opposite the greed and fear cycles that grip the masses. Investors have done the wrong thing throughout this whole cycle. Stay away from that.

    • Look rather than at the fund but to who is running the some research and check out Gundlach's track record, measure against MWTRX, TGLMX, AGG, BND, ETC.............THEN MAKE A DECISION.

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