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  • doublebagger448 doublebagger448 May 1, 2012 12:35 PM Flag

    RC update - over 10%

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    • needs a getitrt

    • oh so you drag out personal names when the heat gets a little hot on the posting board. so what is that supposed to prove? there are some 6 billion people on this earth...

      kick, kick, kick some sand on youzzzz

      yu is so tuff....


    • Actually, it is Bonk I follow around, but knowing what a pompous blowhard you are (kudos to JS for that one), I can imagine you would think it is you. Well, actually it is you many times because of the nonsense you write. How would you know about doublebagger's sources or insights? Are you kidding? That alone is funny and patently absurd. I am sure there are those who are truly clairvoyant. Maybe doublebagger could conjure up my late Grandpa Saul and ask him how he is doing. I miss that guy terribly.

      Meanwhile, don't worry about my "curious" hobbies. After all, I am a paid basher, remember? The reality is that my dear friend, Bonk, says it well. This is entertainment, and I get awfully bored between teaching, board work, and waiting for escrows to close. Actually, I should be fundraising, but I need a break from that as well

      Much love,


    • Hello Eric, I was getting concerned there for a moment. Just like Holland had 45 minutes of monetary independence when the guilder was around and they had to follow the Bundesbank, usually you follow me within half an hour declare everything what I say to be nonsense, invariably without any proof or sources or any other kind of substantiation, but simply as a mere declaration.

      It's a curious hobby for a guy with two full-time jobs, but anyway, apparently you feel a need. And all that because I called you a crook.

      Five years ago..

      As usual, you have no idea what you're talking about here. Doublebagger doesn't obtain or disseminates any data illegally. It is his interpretation of available data at the institutional level, and it turns out to be pretty good, at least this time. Period.

      Perhaps you should apply for his classes.

    • Classic, Stp. Yes, even if the data is obtained or disseminated illegally. As I said, given that you think copyright laws do not apply to you, I am not surprised by your approach.

      I remember guys like Dennis Levine, Ivan Boesky, and a few other characters (can you say "Raj"?) whose "predictive powers" were quite extraordinary. Well, I predict that Raj will be wearing a bright shade of orange for years to come.

      In any event, it is too bad that his average buy-in price is $60.24. Oh, well. Maybe he can get PNG into shape or convince a supermajor (or internationally recognized operator, I should say) to join the party, and write good ol' Eneroil a big ol' check so theys can pay them bills!
      Wonder if RC will buy into the secondary or convertible offering, I see happening. Any predictive power there, Stp? Your other predictions are just slightly better than the Kenmeisters.



    • "It is interesting that you need to pull out personal names on the board. Why is that? What is the motive? What is the fear factor you are trying to make? "

      Umm, if I'm not mistaken I was responding to a poster who referred to me as "Craven". If someone is going to dish out personal insults, one shouldn't be surprised at blowback.

    • and beers to drink down in Florida...

    • Bonk dumb or intelligent Who cares, I do my own DD But mentioning my
      name he has basically lowered himself to MSpieks ; that of a blackmailer , you see by mentioning my name he is threatening me.

      Bonk is a silly little man. I have a larger fight to fight.

    • Yeah you must have gotten under Bonks thin skin. He likes to emanate a aura of scholarly debate and well mannered persuasion. But if you'd like to see the real Bonk just scroll thru his post history as another poster suggested. Check the posts on FGP. Quite nasty and ungly really. He's a simple basher plain and simple. Do you ever see him posting on a long thesis? No. He is simply the educated foil to the vile, ignorant Snake.

    • just had RJ send me their major holders top ten list...."without" Chandler they added to 71% of total shares...81%++ "with Chandler".....with shorts 8.8 million shares, wonder who is lending the shares or how many of our short hack friends are naked crooks? Of course the numbers don't include many I know who own lots of shares as well......on SHU and so forth....

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