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  • edsilverstreak edsilverstreak May 16, 2012 10:37 AM Flag


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    • These are exciting times for IOC but I have a couple questions regarding all the activity that is coming to light regarding potential bidders.
      Could anyone shed some light regarding the deals that could be proposed as far as payment to the shareholder?

      For instance, if a bidder offers, let's say $250.00/share, would the shareholder have to surrender their total amount of shares or is the payment made directly to the shareholder and the shareholder is able to retain their shares? Also, if the shareholder is able to retain their shares, what immediate impact would an offer such as this have on the price per share for IOC?

      Any thoughts are appreciated.

    • AHMEN

    • When I am with friends I never think the get together is going to end and therefore gather the coats and never offer drinks or talk the moment they walk in the door or I see them. I do not hold my breath because I am afraid it is my last nor that the air will be gone when I want to inhale again. I do not close my eyes because I am afraid everything that I see will be gone the next moment I look. Do I grasp my loves hand or childrens hands and tell them to stay for fear of what to come? Do you not have at least some positive faith of your convictions (a phrase much said)?

      Me and binck ride zippity fast as we all should on our faith of another tomorrow in our Red Dodge Charger listening to the blues or southern rock with our cool shades waving to folks who have their own faiths and their own ways and their own paces but your conviction of disaster of monsterous proportions certainly says that you belong to the wrong faith of "buy"...

    • They are overlooking the obvious-someone was willing to sell Mr. Chandler all of this stock at these low prices. A buyer has to always find a willing seller, and if triple digit news was right around the corner, he shouldn't have been able to obtain this big # of shares without driving the price through the roof.

    • I think we'll hang it back up for another run tomorrow. Maybe we can keep it on an upward slope till 4:00pm.

    • flip the 5 and the 7,$75 pps and I will start to get excited, bod spent 42 million at $75

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      • If you look at yesterday's chart the exact same peak at the exact same time.

        bkawawakkkkkkk, The short chicken just sat down on the price...

        lightly traded volume. they don't want to payoff those 2400 $55 May puts nor start inching their way into the 1100 $57.50 and 1800 $60 May calls.

        For the first time they have been bracketed within a couple of bucks to maintain the price to O/E. They can let the car go a little fast but the can't stop it either. Interesting dilema.

        Normally they could pound the living znot right down to $55 to $52 before they would start to pay off.

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