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  • jonawillcash43 jonawillcash43 Jun 19, 2012 2:47 AM Flag

    Now what?

    I bought a huge amount of this stock in 2008 for $9.79 and after that more for between 14 and 20 dollars.
    I’ve seen it go up to 83 in 2010, go down to below 40, up to almost 80, down to in the thirties, up to 70 and down again.
    I never dared to sell it.
    Every time there was great news and this MB always gave me courage not to sell. There was always a better deal coming.
    This stock became my addiction, my obsession, my better halve.
    I’m not a financial expert or an expert in trading. I’m just a guy who bought this stock at the right time.
    Now it looks like deals are becoming truth. My dreams are becoming truth.
    Now what? Am I going to part with my better half in the near futur?

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    • pick a number , say 180-240 , sell in 25% tranches and buy back at dips

      Industry experts will not consider selling below 500

      It all boils down to patience and cash demand, the deal news will NOT be the occassion I sell , that will be the start of the real gains.

      The only thing that will stop IOC from developing (temporary) is an Act of God IMO

    • I have the same problem as do many people.; knowing when to sell. Buying is generally easy but picking a point to unload your holdings always seems difficult because you always think there are more gains to be had. Bicnks advise is excellent. If you are still unsure you can always sell just enough to take your costs out. That way everything left is profit. With your very low cost basis you wouldn't need to sell much. Good luck, and congratulations.

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