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  • mspieks mspieks Sep 10, 2012 3:41 PM Flag

    Re Multiple bids STP

    Noticed your last post re bids at SHU.
    What you are over looking is that, regardless of how many bids there are , the $64B question is not whether PNG will grant approval but rather will Phil accept ANY of the bids, untill forced to by DPE, or lack of cash. Obviously, there have been bids offered. The question is why has Phil accepted NOT A SINGLE ONE? Answer that question, would you?

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    • I must be slow because while it is obvious to others that multiple bids are in, the only public acknowledgment of an interest to bid has come from JKM and no news that they have actually submitted a bid.

      Having no actual knowledge that formal bids have been submitted I am now asked to make the giant leap that multiple bids have already been submitted and the only reason there is no deal is because Phil, out of sheer arrogance, will not accept any of them.

      Having no choice but to reject the premise of the question I sure as heck ain't gonna answer it.

      You and Kenny are made for each other. He can name the 9 companies that have already bid and you can list the 10 reasons why Phil has inexplicably rejected their fair offers.

      Everybody seems to know so much around here.

      I must be the only one in the perpetual dark.


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      • No Raiseyou, you aren't the only one in the dark. You're just the only one that will admit it :) I don't have any inside sources in Switzerland, Singapore, or other parts of the world. I don't listen to the short cabal and their constant efforts to sew confusion. My best investments have always been undervalued companies with significant assets. I put IOC in this category. I also like what O'Neill recently said "Our government will assist InterOil to move faster on its LNG development timelines. We will conclude the development arrangements before this year ends." I think O'Neill has established the limit of this process and its seemingly endless series of delays.

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      • "Phil, out of sheer arrogance, will not accept any of them"

        Keep the faith Raiseyou. You know the old saying: "Even a blind squirrel can find an acorn, eventually". Phil is the blind squirrel. He'll get a deal, eventually, but not in his price range.
        Do you honestly think he hasn't had an opportunity to sign a deal? So, what could be the problem?

      • The absence of real new facts has everyone guessing and re-interpreting old news (of course through the prism of preconceptions and hopes). I agree, there is little evidence of what bids are in or how many. I believe that after one year of bidding, we must have more than one bid, but there is no way to know for sure. IOC has certainly intimated that there are more than one. Lastly, until something is signed, bids can always be withdrawn, so you are right, we know next to nothing, except that the PNG government has inserted themselves in the middle of the process, so it is not even just IOC's board and the potential bidders that are keeping things uncertain and delayed, it is also PNG clouding the mix.

    • And all these bids, and the stock goes down? Huh? Is this outright manipulation, or what? This is very disconcerting for longs, I am sure.

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      • sleeping dandy each night professor..Are ya gonna make that trip to G.R to vote the one share IOC I suggested you purchase.?..Consider it part of doing quality DD. It may save you from living your final years in a van down by the river or with aunt Carol....tell Bonk I finally sold my significant gainer in Geoy so as to have more funds for IOC additions .Adding quite a few at 13 turned out to be a WINNER as they say with that.(selling at 27.17).sold not because it's not great going forward, but because it's likely dead money til after them elections and the New Year arrives...

    • Its not entirely up to Phil anymore. I have no doubt of that. The BOD is heavily involved in the decision. As far as I'm concerned its been a long wait....I'll wait longer as they firm up the best price and get iron clad thumbs up from NEC...that hasn't happened yet MS. Relax...go play golf.

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      • Hello Heathersoil.
        Good to hear from you after all this time.
        I am hopeful that your response is accurate. Taking decision away from Phil is a good thing; it gives us the possibility that they might actualy sign a deal. Now if only they would remove Phil from the negotiations. LOL
        Will take your advice and go play some golf.
        Good luck to you.

        Looking forward to STP's spin on this.

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