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  • raiseyou33 raiseyou33 Oct 22, 2012 12:44 PM Flag

    I still believe deal by end of the year

    There seems to be no courage shown from the uber crew to take their medicine, which is the ultimate hypocrisy considering they are too pleased to jump on Eric and Bonk when the stock is up.

    Just remember folks, at least they have the decency to participate when the stock is moving higher and suffer the slings and arrows of exuberant longs.

    Where are you now Ken? You and your 8 other ids will not hesitate to attack anyone who questions "the story" when times are good.

    As I did not believe the eminent story and saw no justification for the stock to run into the 90s, I am not going to scream that the sky is falling when we are back in the 60s.

    My two short terms concerns were cash crunch and government rejection. Both of these concerns have been alleviated at the present.

    We shall see.


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    • Stp: you are talking gibberish, and not making any sense. I do follow the SHPU Board closely because I am interested in what the uber-pumpers, including your latest puff piece, have to say, and how others like you (and Palm, earlier today) are able to rationalize, justify, and explain everything away. It fascinates me. To the point, I was quoted and cited by name today, so someone is reading what I wrote. And you are attributing other comments to me, so...? Meanwhile, you continue (as per your usual) to confuse yourself. How am I being opportunistic? I think the stock is overvalued. Always have, and quite possibly, always will (assuming it does not eventually become a zero). Have I been inconsistent there? I do think the stock price in a company like IOC is not that informative day to day. Been consistent there as well. So, either be specific, or go away. And start making some sense, please.

    • Raiseyou: you are a true gentleman. May I ask you what would finally shake your confidence? At what point do you just throw up your hands and say enough, and your patience is worn completely thin? The only reason I ask is that I am astounded by your and others' patience. Even Job (as in Biblical character) did not exercise this much patience. Or did he?

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      • Eric,

        IOC is not my largest holding. It is my home run swing in an otherwise conservative diversified portfolio. I do not have an emotional attachment to this investment because its success or failure will not be life altering.

        Ignoring the stock gyration up to 99 as it was without fundamental justification, the news has not been negative.

        IOC is drilling. They have received short term financing and Duma's comments indicate that more money will be coming from PRE.

        Taking that off the table, the comments from O'Neil and Duma have never been this positive regarding the project. In the past, the government as been at best ambivalent and at worse, completely obstructive. The PM has stated that he would like a deal done by the end of the year.

        While we can all speculate on the terms of the deal, I see no reason why a deal will not get done that is beneficial to shareholders.

        I had no expectations that anything would get done before the election. My timeline started from then. I believe that things are moving. Only hindsight will demonstrate if I am being naive.



    • There is one Kencooksam. IOC will get its deals and they have a partner. The govt deal alone gives them the cash to pay for their part of the LNG build.

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