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  • mspieks mspieks Jan 16, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

    GCA report - TREE

    Tree: In as much as you see fit to attack me on your insulated board
    ("So much for Spiekerman's 6Tcf leak.") I see no reason why I shouldn't call you an A.HOLE.

    Here are the facts A.H.:
    Second: The GCA report was commissioned by IOC's partner Liquid Niguine at the request, NO THE DEMAND, of the bidders.
    Third: Didn't you ridicule me for first reporting that a GCA report was required and thus commissioned?
    For your info, NO ONE believes the GLJ reports. You and your pumping friends at SHU can jump up and down all you want about 10 + tcf at E.A. but , mark my words, no one will be paying IOC based on anything above what an INDEPENDENT APPRAISAL ( ie., GCA and NOT GLJ) reports.

    By the way, I loved your "Don't worry, Be Happy" response to the inquiry re IOC possibly losing its licenses in 14 months. Just as I expected from a " public relarions " #$%$ Not an iota of facts to support your theory that IOC will be GIVEN, FREE AND CLEAR , out of the goodness of their hearts, based upon the terrific job done by IOC to date, ( LOL,LOL,LOL), an extension of its licenses by the PNG gov't. LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL
    That post alone, by you, shows your ignorance or worse, your evil intent to mislead your lemmings.
    I wouldn't be so sure that IOC's "string of pearls" won't be broken.

    You guys at SHU have been consistantly wrong for 3 years yet you continue to spew out your pumping garbage.

    I often wonder: Who is worse, Minkow or you guys at SHU?
    As far as I'm concerned, you've done as much harm to newby's as Minkow ever did.

    With respect to Phil, whom you sem to idolize, he should have been fired long ago and WOULD HAVE BEEN AT ANY OTHER COMPANY for his incompetence in getting a deal done. Fifteen months and 3 I.B.'s assisting and yet still no deal? What is the problem?
    Too many bidders ( LOL)
    Too much gas?
    Too time consuming to structure a contract?
    Duma was bribed?
    Elections need to be finalized?
    I.B.'ers incompetent?

    WHAT IS THE PROBLEM , TREE, PALM, JFT, STP and all you other apologists????????????????

    Or, COULD THE PROBLEM BE PHIL?????????????????

    All his promises the last three years that deals/Fids, etc are "soon", "iminent", "promptly" are a joke.
    Actions speak louder that words.
    What action have we seen?
    TWO WELLS DRILLED IN THREE YEARS and a pps that reflects that fact.
    We have a company sitting with multiple tcf of gas in the ground, with countries chomping at the bit to acquire such resources, sky high prices for such gas, numerous prospects that could have and should have been drilled by now, YET UNABLE TO STRIKE A DEAL

    By the way, his words have cost many newby's a lot of money with his many false promises of "iminent" deals, as have you guys at SHU.

    End of rant.

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    • spieks, GLJ is far from being not independent or credible as you claim, and the resource will be priced per unit, not at some total amount based on anyone's estimate; and the Company and its IBs have the sell down in the final stage, as will soon become much more apparent. Your comparison of Tree to Minkow is illustrative of how big a liar or fool you are and how distorted and worthless most of what you are saying is.

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      • 2 Replies to getitrt2
      • Getitwrong
        I usually have you on ignore but I thought I'd give you a shot at some honesty.
        You've failed, again.

        Re your claims I am "...a liar or fool" and that my posts are "worthless and distorting":

        Weren't you the loudest in claiming I was "a liar or fool " by posting "distorting and worthless" claims that a GCA report was commissioned; AND that industry expects only 6 tcf in such report?
        Not only are you a fool but your consistant, dogmatic, mentality proves your worthlessness as an objective investor and thus justifies my having you on ignore..

        Who's the FOOL, fool?
        I ' m still waiting for you to open your mind . An apology from you would be appropriate too. LOL

        Furthermore, I stand by my claims that you SHU pumpers have hurt as many newby's as Minkow.
        Your pumping is just as evil ( not illegal, but just as evil) as Minkow was.

      • Getit, I think you are significantly projecting here when you talk about distortions and worthless posting. Bonk pasted you pretty good recently, and you had no response whatsoever. The irony inherent in all you post continues to amaze. Meanwhile, hope you are having fun with the clowns over at SHU.

    • 2 wells ?

    • Its crazy that BOD hasnt taken over the SD process from Phil. or at least required Colin to handle it. He couldnt do worse than Phil.

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      • Or maybe, JUST maybe, the BOD knows exactly whats going on and their VERY happy with the direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • "Its crazy that BOD hasnt taken over the SD process from Phil."

        Is it really? Why do you think I've said that one of the preconditions for considering going long IOC is a change at the board level?

        Which board members do you expect to act? Phil? Phil's brother-in-law Christian Vinson? His pal Gaylen "Chairman of the Compensation Committee" Byker who has cashed out $millions?

        Or maybe "Sir Rabbie" is is going to get concerned about his fiduciary duties and do something.

        IMHO IOC = Phil = IOC

        "or at least required Colin to handle it"

        I think Colin is too busy talking to "PNG Industry News" and not returning calls to the WSJ to get wrapped up in trivial matters like the selldown process. Not only that, he has to find someone to replace poor Sal on the CCs asking puffball questions.

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      • zimmerbros Jan 16, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

        I feel this will be the next step if this drags on any longer.

    • "I see no reason why I shouldn't call you an A.HOLE."

      Actually MS, Rule #5 commands that one "stick to the facts" so by stating this you are simply following the rules, especially #5.

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    • sltibbs Jan 16, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

      Dude, you spelled "imminent" incorrectly. Wow, and that was the focus of your rant. Dude, you kinda suck.

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