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  • edsilverstreak edsilverstreak Feb 1, 2013 12:38 PM Flag


    Holy cow, they are way more desperate than I've ever seen before.Today, I've already ignored 3 brand new shorts [don't really know if they're new or just new id's ], but they have nothing to say of any consequence. You can tell that they're new because they've only posted 2-3 times and only appeared for the first time today or yesterday.What a whole lot of drivel. They're worse than those other idiots trying to get us to look at those blog sites.

    /\/\/\/\$100+++++/\/\/\/\.....pretty soon

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    • Ed, "pretty soon", I do like that. It made me laugh when I read it. Much better than imminent. I think I'll start using "imminent" in about four weeks. :)

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      • You know Pitt, I've never subscribed to the "politically correct" mb notion that we should not use the words soon, imminent or any other word to define when we personally think a deal or piece of news will happen. To skirt around those words is idiotic in my opinion. If IOC management said a deal deadline is in place for 2/28, then we have a right to say that a deal will be announced SOON.

        ps... or pretty soon

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    • bonk keeps posting the same subtle doubting thomas items he has been issuing for months, if not years. What he is failing to comprehend or acknowledge because it is not in his interest it appears, is that things have changed. Why would the company come out with specifics for the bid period and the BOD meeting if they weren't confident in that timeline given the sins of the past in that regard. it's simply the same short drivel and paid basher #$%$. I look forward to some very good news here soon in my opinion. Just ion that tangent, my broker and I spoke last week and I asked his thouguhts and he said I wouldn;t have you in this stock if I didn;t believe you could make A LOT of money here. He could have had me in and out of other companies, making commissions all along, yet he believes very much this is where the smart money is, particularly now.

      good luck longs

      have a good weekend


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      • "Why would the company come out with specifics for the bid period and the BOD meeting if they weren't confident in that timeline given the sins of the past in that regard"

        Hmmm.... multiple choice question?

        a) Because the stock was in freefall and they needed to say something

        b) Because there's been no acknowledgement on the "sins of the past in that regard" and it might just be another in a long line of blown deadlines

        c) Because they want to get potential "bidders" off the couch where they've seemingly been for 16 months

        d) Because the company didn't disclose how long the Mitsui deal was extended for, leading me to believe it was short, possible March 31.

        e) Because the company may hit a cash wall in the summer so either needs a story to tell the street (e.g. "indications of accretive indications of interest") or cash from a deal that would surely take a while to ink even after the "winning bidder" is "selected

        f) Because the want to "stick it to shorty" somehow

        g) all of the above

        h) some of the above

        i) none of the above

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    • Thank you, Mr. Ed. Your horse droppings are much appreciated by your fellow pumpers.

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    • Right on, Mr. Ed

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