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  • frankfj frankfj Feb 27, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    Option prices say no deal to be announced

    They are not forecasting anything but a postponement of the bidding process and/or an obfuscation by management of the present status of things. This is why they moved up the timing of the call. Note that the announcement of the timing halted the stock advance in its tracks.

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    • Has it occur to you it does not matter ? If the potential partners request a little more time they can have it and the share price will settle in about the same range as it is now until the deadline . Stick a fork into it.

    • The extremely high IVs would seem to imply the "players" believe exactly the opposite of what you conclude.

      Whether they are correct or not is another matter to be resolved in the fullness of time.


      Sentiment: Buy

    • I guess 1.75 for some march 95 strikes is nothing...You are a moron Frank...Ignored from here out..

    • It's up 18 bucks since that announcement you LSOS! The option premiums are also way up! To be ignored! and give your boss a big hug for me.

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      • If you paid attention I was referring to the announcement that the pps release would be moved up to Feb. 27, NOT the Jan. 24 announcement. And I am correct. The pps date announcement halted the advance of the stock and has kept it in the low 70s since then. That is why I commented that "I don't like it" when they moved up the eps release. There had to be a reason for that, and I will repeat that I think the reason is that they have decided to extend the deadline for submitting bids. But we will soon see. Name calling is juvenile and will not change the end results in the least. I repeat that I am long with a small profit and have been such fr many years. My hopes for a "home run" have been repeatedly disappointed, and I a simply standing pat at this point and hoping for the best. What always bothers me is the unrestrained optimism on this board from people who are expecting $200 plus deals on the pps. Those kinds of wild hopes are always dashed. The pps has been saying all along since Jan. 24 that nothing of that kind is on the table Otherwise the pps would be MUCH higher than 70-75.

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