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  • lee.becky15 lee.becky15 May 7, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    Read my lips the bids are going higher

    Or IOC would have taken the earlier bids. Playing one bidder vs another thats how you get the bids up. Source read the Platts, Upstream and PNG Industry News stories as regards the bidders that keep coming back. They want the assets

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    • So what happens when IOC states again the bids are accretive at multiples of the current stock price!!

    • The shorts can say what they want; mostly noise, but IOC is still up approx $20 ytd. Soon we'll be up over $50-$100 ytd.

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    • Heres the truth

    • definitely a war going behind the curtain nobody can see...Shorts doing all they can in the meantime to knock it when the suspense becomes too much for nervous Nellies..Fortunately they have very little ammo having shot most of their wad with any short shares available.Instead of an auto rifle when needed, they are mostly down to single fire pistol abilities to perform their task ....Think next short count will verify the number being higher than last...albeit back to prior high number a month back..14 plus million..

    • So as the bids go higher the stock price keeps on falling right?
      HO HO HO HO

    • Pure and utter speculation, if not complete and pure bunk. Kenny, let me ask you a question. When will these extensive and competitive bids be finalized. Will these three SMs have one of those Mini-Me moments from Austin Powers, where they agree to pay $3, $3 trillion dollars for IOC? At the end of June, if this super-uber deal is not finished, what will you say then?

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      • eric,

        Miss Becky is coming up with all sorts of creative and fanciful stuff to fill time.

        According to the timelines for some kind of game winner originally established by her brothers (including but not limited to Kenny and jft), we're already in mega-overtime and the logo is wearing off center court. There's going to be a special time-out called to repaint the Baby Bruin and to let the full house watch the paint dry. By then, maybe, just maybe, there'll be some relevant news to report -- something like William Duma having approved the announcement that there's been yet another coaching change.

        For that information, he'll have to check with WA first.


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