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  • edsilverstreak edsilverstreak May 30, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Don't respond

    Those on this board that we refer to as shorts are giving real short traders a bad name. Many traders buy and sell stocks. calls and puts depending on circumstances. Those on this board are none of those, they are bashers , and bashers are hired guns whose sole purpose is to bring the pps of a particular stock down so that mostly hedge funds can benefit from the drops and gains. For this task I've been told that they can earn pennies per response from us. The solution is to ignore them but as the yahoo ignore feature is not operating properly , just don't respond to their posts in any way. fwiw
    Two days up, perhaps we get to are record close of $93 soon.

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    • I guess I am really naive. Do people truly believe that someone on the Yahoo message board (short or long) is really influencing the price of the stock? There is more wasted energy yelling at each other, pumping one way or the other, then IOC will every generate in energy. Can we just harness the wasted energy on this board and sell it to IOC? And, as a final comment to my fellow longs, quit getting in the face of the shorts when the price goes up. Poor sportsmanship. You don't have to act like them. This stock has been been generally trading between $55 and $75 over the last 2 years, whether you scream about shorting it or pumping it. Everyone can make money. And I suspect the people making real money, aren't screaming on the IOC Yahoo message board. Looking forward to IOC moving on up.

    • Ed. Volatility is what brings in more dreamers and daytraders. Isn't that what you want so you can dump your shares?

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    • Agreed Ed. Good reminder.

      Good luck longs

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    • Ed.You are right, its a waste of time responding. Every message board has a posse of clowns that put out useless drivel. In 5 years in IOC I have not yey ever seen anything from a basher that was usuable. We do get some accurate useful info from certain longs. What I find amusing is that the guys that get paid a few pennies per post , never make a wrong Always shorting at the top. If they were so brilliant why arent they running their own hedge fund. An example is the NEW one wall. Check him on TSLA he was crowing about his great short at $92. Got punked. I'm sure his $87 short (in his imagination anyway) will end badly.

      Even the smart guys here Eric and Bonk, never make a losing IOC trade. The timing is always perfect or they concoct some esoteric spread that always is a winner. In reality they have been right in some areas, wrong in others, But the acid test is where does a stocks price go? Its a predicter of future events and business prospects. Eric and Bonk have been here saying IOC was a scam, a Phoney, would go bankrupt ect...since IOC was $20 per share. I think that sums it all up IMO.

      The blowhard bashers are useless. "People come and people go, talking of Michaelangelo".....where is that quote from?

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    • Agreed, the banter just fuels their fire. Plus moves their posts to the top. Keep them buried.

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