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  • j.coolaid j.coolaid Jun 17, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    just milking out the coming fridays OE's going on;;;

    until we hear the full details of contracts, these short hacks are strong forces with great incentives to bully the pps around(down!) and milk out the juicy premiums we were seeing prior on calls/etc.....In a New York minute, it all changes very badly for them..I'd be very happy if that were to occur this week, but not likely is my gut feeling...Should always hedge a portion of the shares you own expecting such from our adversaries..

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    • "Should always hedge a portion of the shares you own expecting such from our adversaries."
      It is interesting that you are so critical of Bonk and Eric, when it was they who recommended hedging way (months/years?) before you did. And you have the gaul to say hedge now, AFTER we are off of our recent highs by close to 30%. Sometimes certain longs are more frustrating than the bashers. Yes, the shorts are wielding extraordinary power, thanks more to IOC's terrible historic communications (lies?) rather than to any posters here. If you can't tell, I am as frustrated as anyone by constant delays over the close to 4 years I have owned this stock. To their credit, IOC has changed their policy of promising dates. I'll take any small victory, I guess. On the other hand,I often think of the drilling crews being paid with our money while sitting idle because IOC had not planned well/anticipating delays. They have been in this business and should know contingencies and plan accordingly. And just out of curiosity, pumpers were saying long ago that PRE would be jumping in and helping with drilling. Why haven't we heard anything on this front if the pumpers had any credibility? I guess that was just speculation, but was not labeled as such at the time.

      Lack of periodic good news with this stock typically means the pps struggles or takes a beating. So why would not the company try to put out periodic press releases with good news on dates or empty promises necessary. I want to close by saying that since Phil has been gone, the communications have improved 100% and I am grateful for that...just hoping for a bit more.

    • one of these days soon, Bonkie the burbot is gonna be taken on a Nantucket sleigh ride to the bottom of the ocean..It be coming Bonkie....PPS justice delayed does not mean justice denied...

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      • just see that you had posted "something" Bonkie...Never read your bs anymore though...All your bs in the world can't save you or your masters from what's coming.....Sleigh ride with no return...Hope grandma has locked her cookie jar realizing your sticky fingers by now., but don't be concerned for me..I'm hedged in a certain degree on some of the shares I own with this months covered calls, while being a big long with others further down the road...Been to this rodeo a few times as the saying goes,..

      • I thought you had me on ignore Brian? Make up your mind - seems to be a habit of yours, like your "save the poor starving deer so I can shoot them" letters to the paper. LOL

    • Brian - why do your "New York minutes" seem to last for 3 years and counting?

      I'd say it was Chandler's "bullying the price up" that has kept it up in the 70s.

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