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  • martinistocks martinistocks Jun 28, 2013 5:36 AM Flag


    Putting Holywallst, Tonka and others on ignore is like telling the kids to go out and play and closing the door and enjoying the silence. Ahhhh it feels good when the noise level goes down. Like a nice Spring day. Now on the other hand those that can argue the other side with some sense and wit are worth reading. Too bad they are few and there are not many that do not get obnoxious.

    IMHO we are going to embark on a nice ride with PPS. Those that are patient through all the years of craziness will be rewarded financially with the final resources supplying Asia of badly needed inexpensive gas and oil. In two years we will hopefully look back and laugh and ask where Bonk and Eric went. And if the shorts made some money good for them as long as the PPS makes the longs smile with a four to six bagger from here.

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    • I'll take your analogy one step further Martini. I put you all on ignore by only checking this board out every couple months. And you know what, the discussion is the same. Same discussion, different day. Nothing new. No new insight. Just wild speculation. And a lot of yelling, unprofessionalism, and poor sportsmanship. I don't get it.

    • pacificinternational40 pacificinternational40 Jun 28, 2013 6:17 AM Flag

      The stock has been perennially over-valued and over-hyped. No place to go now but down. If any deal is finally inked the details will make you cringe. Keep talking, martnistocks, the entertainment is priceless.

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      • even if deal is as great as it gets, one has to at least think about the question: has the stock already priced in ALL the good news? is it already very very overvalued to begin with? has it priced in the second coming of Jesus as well at current levels?

        if not, then how come when it opened and popped a few weeks ago at the mention of deal news, it fell more than 40 points after open???? think about it....

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