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  • t2samonster t2samonster Jul 3, 2013 6:34 PM Flag

    What happened to Bonk?

    What happened to Bonk???
    Where is Bonk and all of his FGP bashing buddies? Where are the shorts???

    With all Bonk's expert analysis he had the distribution cut by more than half 3 years ago and had this stock trading at under $8 per share. He endlessly called us longs bag holders...

    Well, I guess he was right about one thing, we are bag holders, we just happen to be holding bags of money, mostly his as he loved shorting this.

    Come on Bonk, we miss your insults!

    Funny the people like Bonk up and vanish like a fart in the wind when things don't go the way they wanted them to.

    Anyway, I'm long on this stock and have been at a zero basis for many years now because I've stayed the course. Longs on this stock have been well rewarded and with no way to lose money it's only a matter of how much profit to take.

    I'm not saying it's a perfect stock, it's far from, but it's been a great solid investment for me and the profits have been awesome.

    Every stock he shorts proves him to be a huge LOSER. He was on the ULTR board and the stock has since more than doubled. He has been an FGP short since it was 12 or 13 bucks.He must be playing the market with monopoly money

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    • I think you might want to cut Bonk some slack. He's been posting here since 2009 and he's been quite busy too. Selflessly posting 5,206 times over 4 yrs with an avg 3.5 posts per day. He can't get all of them right ya' know. Anyone, in my opinion, who's invested that much of their important time and effort to try and help us "morons, cranks and bag holders" should be applauded instead of castigated.

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    • Pretty much pure rubbish. FGP went from 20 to 12. I am waiting until winter to reshort, likely. Patience, grasshopper. ULTR was cut in half - mostly I was taunting a loon that I followed there. STSI and ACTV collapsed. GEOY went from 43 to 12. Even you cranks taunting me on CSCO and MSFT - look at the charts. And of course on IOC my jan 90 June 65 put spread worked out beautifully. Don't forget VOD, WMT, and BRK/A. A few losers here and there but overall done quite well, thank you very much.

      Turns out T2 wasn't such a monster after all, at least according to GLJ.

      Ho Ho HO

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