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  • reality_gerald reality_gerald Jul 9, 2013 8:49 AM Flag

    This is not good.....I read on google finance IOC....any thoughts about this?

    Tilson is still short InterOil (NYSE: IOC), saying that a "lucrative" deal with ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) is close to zero. He think InterOil is "one of the largest promotions of all time."

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    • If anyone/anything is a promotion, it's Tilson.

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    • If it is a fraud there is no way they would talk to Exxon because Exxon would uncover it. If they are not really negotiating with Exxon than Exxon would have said so.

    • RG,

      You can choose to believe Tilson or look at a few facts. One of that hazards of reading this board is that you get very little factual information, mostly hyperbole and conjecture and made up rumor good and bad. here is what i focus on FWIW:

      *Exxon "Won the bid" that offers the best possible outcome for IOC based upon the calculation of Net present Value of all of the bids. There were multiple bidders and Exxon won. That straight from a conversation I had with Wayne Andrews.

      *IOC is in exclusive negotations with Exxon and while the wait is difficult, the transformation of a term sheet to an SPA is not simple when talking about a deal this size. It requires many lawyers and you can rest assured that IOC and XOM are making sure they protect their interests in getting all details done properly.

      *PM Oneill announced that IOC and XOM are in these negotations to finalize the deal, and it was very well received in parliament.

      *The cash IOC will receive upfront, and this will likely be significant upfront money, will fundamentally change our little company in my view.

      *We still have numerous prospects that should only add to our NAV.

      Will we go from 70 to 150 upon a deal announcement? I have no idea. But I firmly believe that investors are waiting on the sidelines to see the deal and once coverage is initiated, IOC will have a lot more investor eyes on this deal and their resources being a tremendous boon to the pps. Hopefully that helps you wade through this mess of lies and deceit you are seeing on this board. Because that is mostly what it is.

      Good luck longs

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    • that's a re-plant by shorts. its a 2012 article. shorts are getting desperate again

    • IDIOT TILSON HAS BEEN SHORT IOC SINCE 20s..HEY HAS BEEN WRONG FOR YRS, PAID CRIMINAL BARRY MINKOW (NOW BACK IN JAIL) TO BASH IN THE 40s - Tilson's funds have done horribly - you are wise to buy what tilson shorts.

    • do you have a link?? where did you read that IOC is "one of the largest promotions of all time"??

      i am sorry, OF ALL TIME??? Plz give me the link and if it is credible, I may have to aggressively short this from now on

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    • Gerald, You need to sell your stock and move on. It's not healthy for you. You've been here long enough to know Tilson's ego will never let him change his sentiment. This is, for all intents and purposes, a speculative play. with the volatility to match..I personally believe the long story,

    • Please be a little more honest and change your sentiment to strong sell. I don't think even tilson believes the odds of a good deal are close to zero.

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