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  • papaloapan papaloapan Dec 17, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

    current investment merit

    The deal disappointed because it pushed rewards into the future, but the investment merit remains, along with 2014 catalysts.

    Q1 $613mm payment ($12.50/sh)
    Q1-4 Drilling:
    - 3 appraisal wells on PRL 15
    - 1 exploration well on PRL 15
    - 3 exploration wells (I each on each of PRL 236, 237 and 238)

    IOC is carried by Total on the upfront cost for the PRL 15 wells with the cost of the 3 appraisal wells taken out of the resource payment. The result of these 3 will lead to jointly certified reserves, and a payment in 2015. IOC’s 3 examples are 5.4 / 6.5 / 9.9 CFE, which amounts to about $30 / $42 / $84 per IOC share.

    Depends on how you personally assess the risk and prospects for the reserves, but it seems to me the downside case is probably the $42 / share (12.5+30), and drilling catalysts will either support or not the upside case of perhaps $95 / share. Splitting the difference, the cash payment to IOC in 2014/2015 would be about $69 / share, well exceeding the present market value of the company. And this does not include:

    value of the retained interest in the plant
    potential strikes on either 236/237/238
    PRL 39 / Triceritops, which has already found gas.

    The impatience with IOC is well earned, and most long term shareholders are frustrated, but it does seem to me that the value and catalysts are there for new shareholders to move this higher in the coming year.

    If I've got this wrong, let me know

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    • Combining your analyses (papaloapan and bonk), the "moderate" case is well stated.

      Given the current mid-$50s stock price, there is both an upside and downside case, depending on future outcomes -- like with any stock.

      The moderates will get neither too optimistic nor pessimistic without further verification, but recognize the risk vs. reward.

      My stance is to take the risk at this point, believing that the probabilities favor the upside.


      PS Where's my dividend? LOL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to valuesleuth
      • VS, I suspect that you are right and the stock now has more medium term upside than downside potential. The only good thing about the past couple of weeks is that moderates are no longer attacked and berated by pumpers and mini-pumpers (small victories). They have learned a little more humility, even if they never display it. Funny how the know it alls at SHU are as baffled as everyone else. Have to admit, I do find bonk's daily posts a bit more obnoxious now...he is about as obnoxious as the pumpers were before the great fall (and his current "analysis" does not exactly have a ring of objectivity. He clearly is a man with a many have said, there is a reason he spends so much time here.

    • papaloapan,

      Are you suggesting that upon payment of the $613 million, the stock should rise to 69? I am just trying to make sense of your conjecture here.

      Thank you.

      Good luck longs

    • Papa - I think your overall thinking process is the right one, but you are double-counting the $613M, and ignoring the IPI interest in the payments. E.g. at the 5.4 Tcfe level , the contingent resource payment is $698.7M in total (less appraisal cost adjustment) plus an FID payment ($112M) - IOC gets about 75.6% of this (assuming pass-thru economics to IPI) - so you are thinking IOC will get a check for $1.5 Billion ($30 per share), but in fact that check would only be about $600M ($12 per share). Of course IPI would get their share of the initial $613 also, so your downside scenario of $42 ($12.5+$30) is actually $9.25+$12 = about $21 per share. But IOC retains a 30% stake stock that adds about $10 (at Total's price/mcf) so a realistic view is in the low 30s at the 5.4 Tcfe level. I assume the other assets are a wash with the debt that IOC has already racked up (e.g. the $70 convert has to be paid off in 11 months, refinery mortgage, bridge loan, etc.

      My math using a 100% chance of FID and a modest 10% discount rate is 5.4 Tcfe = $31 per share, 6.5 Tcfe = $43 per share, and 9.9 Tcfe = $87 per share. Of course Calio uses a "base case" of 9.9 Tcfe and gets an $85 target, and Westlake's downside is $30 so my math fits.

      It's best to focus on what really matters - the deal is known and a huge piece of it is getting sold off, so the thing to focus on is what Tcfe number will come back at the recertification. Total thinks 5.4. IOC is putting on a brave face and hoping for more. Place your bets accordingly.

      With the amount of misunderstanding of the deal and the delusional hopes for bidding wars in a few weeks my sense is some air still needs to come out of the stock as reality slowly creeps in.

      I have some detailed queries into Total IR and will report back anything of interest, in the most objective and dispassionate way, as always.

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