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  • abracadabra1 May 5, 2009 9:40 AM Flag

    What woke up this stock? the way this is scott landry I changed my alias recently so yes I have also been invested here in fushi for a while....but back to the reasons it spiked-the real reason:
    first and foremost without a doubt 100% it was a purely technical move in nature.....the 50 dma the 100 dma and the 150 dma all converged onnnnn(drum beat) you guessed it... Friday!!! so im sorry it wasnt the optionhawk im sorry it wasnt any special news im sorry it wasnt my paint finaallly drying-it was just plain technical breakout on dma convergence after a long technical basing pattern....if ya dont believe me then just simply watch now as 6.70 will be the new support buy it around 6.70 and u make money now again safely or at least relatively that is the 200 day ma....or better known as our new resistance 10+ by the way....and yes the move was certainly magnified by the if it falls on ur foot theme and by the chinese small cap theme as stock i am buying a little more risky for my taste but I am lightening up on my financial trading stocks and buying seed and maybe cdii somebody mentioned here and a very big gamble in cagc.ob I dont recommend bb stocks though unless u want stock that ur prepared to wipe ur ass with which many bb stocks are usually worth but i feel like gambling this month....good luck guys....

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