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  • abracadabra1 May 5, 2009 12:53 PM Flag

    What woke up this stock?

    in a worst case scenario the stock price would be 0...haha....but we cant be investors living on that philosophy now can we theres a word for that t bills....but yes a major market meltdown could easily take fushi down to under 5 just as it did before....but odds seem very very unlikely at this point and in fact of all the stocks i deal with which is a very high amount I put fushi in my top 5 holdings certainly-it has all the goods: the earnings power, the valuation, the geographically diversified market, the balance sheet, the technical stock pattern, and most importantly a brighter outlook going forward it seems....this company is a winner and this stock is a winner-you can trade it or just hold it but it IS going up from these style is to hold around half of my position and trade about half of my position based on my technical knowledge....and when i make money from the trading side i gamble on the riskier ones like this week it will be cagc and seed or other general trading stocks from time to time....that keeps me from getting bored watching the paint dry with the fushis of the world and more importantly keeps me from getting the itch to sell when the others are moving w the market while my fushi builds the the end-fushi is a keeper at this point as well as HOGS and CFSG and FLR but cfsg i think its a bit late to get in now....good luck ur in a winner here w the fush I know my stocks....

    east coast fushier says don't worry