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  • anakin_skywalker_2038 anakin_skywalker_2038 Dec 13, 2001 5:05 PM Flag

    10$ in a few months (+200% gain)

    I bought PVN at 4.05$ and I sold it at 3.2$ (after passing through 2$ and 3.8$ :-) ). Then I bought this one at 2.82$ and it's just +6.38% now.

    Offtopic: I think PVN has potential but yesterday it was obvious it was going down below 3$ again and I came out before it was happening this time because it is much more static than the last time and so it could stay under longer.

    With PVN I was quite wrong :-(... but I changed my heuristic completly now and I did lots of simulations and it seems it's working very well now and LOGC is one of the most interesting according to those new forecasts.

    My forecast says LOGC will reach 10$ in around 75 trading days. This mean around March/April 2002. Let's see if my new forecast works with the real future too. So far it definitely looks good :-)

    May the force be with you :-)

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    • this stock has showed some pretty god support right in the 3.00 to 3.15 range, we just do not seem to be through that 3.15 range. It seems to stop at that point. Just be patient, however, one should note when it dips its on low volume and after that 1 day this week, when it sold down into the 2.60 range it came back strong back to $3 on high volume, so it sure looks as if individuals are accumulating this stock on any dips below $3..

    • You write:

      <<LOGC is one of the most interesting according to those new forecasts.>>

      Are you referring to forecasts that have already been discussed on this board (such as muny makr's messages, Kennedy's Coolcat newsletter via peaweeding, etc.)? Or are you referring to other reports that we have not yet heard about? If you do know of other reports, would you please lead us to them or summarize them for us?

      Also, I hope that you are right about the $10 estimate. Is this estimate based upon an extrapolation of the present stock price trend? Or, do you have some other basis for the estimate?



    • if this hits 10 in two months (assuming i have the fortitude to hold on) we are having a BIG party and you will ALL be invited.