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  • insuramigo insuramigo Aug 2, 2003 12:56 AM Flag

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    C'mon guys! Let's tone down the expletives and immature name-calling please. Feel free to have a difference of opinion but kindly stay above the belt--for the sake of the ladies in here,if nothing else!

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    • You're funny! Please answer the original question:"Do any of the companies that you own have AFLAC (is that better) in place?

    • Goe,

      tHiis used two bee funnie butt noh it's' gust annoi [know anoiy; know ananoy: ohh darn} sylly U R N ASSS

    • Dear BUTT HEAD dealerdog,

      >>�Thanks! Do you think I give a * rats * ass about your opinion of me?�

      BUTT HEAD Grammar Correct #1:

      >>* rats * should have an apostrophe (�) inserted prior to the s in the word rats like this; �rat�s�. This illuminates ownership of the rat�s ass, or did you intend to write about multiple rats? If so you would write �rats� ass�, with the apostrophe after the letter s. That would signify multiple rats� asses.

      In either case, you should call tech support and have them help you locate the apostrophe on your keyboard.

      >>* How many of the companies that you own, have *Aflac * in place?

      BUTT HEAD Spelling Correction #1:

      AFLAC is all upper case and should always be typed while holding your shift key in the down position. It should be typed AFLAC and not * Aflac *. However, I will give you credit for properly spelling the company�s name.

      Tech support can very likely show you how to use your shift key and help you to locate it too.

      >>* Unless your sweatshops compensate everyone on a 1099 basis. *

      BUTT HEAD Grammar Correction #2:

      Your above word grouping does not form a comprehensive sentence. The sentence structure is fragmented, like your brain. Most 3rd grade public school children have learned proper sentence structure.

      In closing, you were right! I did enjoy~ you allowing me the opportunity to give you yet another �Butt Head Grammar Lesson�!

      This is as easy as shooting morons in a barrel!

      Have a nice evening Butt Head.

    • Thanks! Do you think I give a rats ass about your opinion of me? If you were as secure as you project yourself to be, then your response would not be so vile. I'm not the one taking these posts personally - you are! Coming from you, I consider these comments complimentary. Stop avoiding the question, Mr. Foul-Mouth! How many of the companies that you own, have Aflac in place? Unless your sweatshops compensate everyone on a 1099 basis. Have you fired anyone today? Enjoy~!

    • sell

    • dealerdog

      I used to think that you were a gibbering idiot. Now, after reading your latest post, I have a much lower opinion of you. Are you always this ignorant, or are you making a special effort today?

      Do you speak any language that non-gibbering idiots can understand? Your post is an orgy of stultifying cacophonous verbal depravity; an exercise in literary impotence, and an offense to all of good taste and decency.

      How about you get a hobby beyond making a rancid ass out of yourself every time you open your mobile sperm bank of a mouth? Dick head.

      Have a nice evening.

    • Way too much time on your hands Joey - then again, when one is as successful as you profess to be, then I guess you have nothing better to do, than to send out these useless messages. Tell us something else we don't know.

      What happenned to discussing this stock? Please tell me something about Aflac. We all realize how smart you are. Point made, point taken. Please tell us you are on this board to share insight into this company's future. Please be constructive. Otherwise, shut up and stop bashing people - your constant whining and demonstrations of intellectual superiority are getting (yawn) old!

    • No, what I have is your ear - that my friend is certainly worth something, is it not? Thank you for dignifying my post with a response. I sincerely appreciate your candor. Remember what the kids used to say to you in school: "There he is, let's get him!". You're a miserable, unhappy person. When are you scheduled for your next 50 minute hour?

    • Don't hold back, Joe, tell us how you really feel.

    • dealerdog

      You have that certain nothing. Truly, reading your postings about as interesting as watching a slug move slowly across a large rock. Just when I think I've read the stupidest post ever, you go and post another.

      Maybe you wouldn't come across as such a jellyfish-sucking mental midget if that pimple on your ass hadn't turned out to be a brain tumor.

      You are an unconscionably ill-bred plebeian and a narcissistic, one-dimensional plague upon humanity.

      Have a nice day.

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