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  • mcming mcming Jun 20, 2005 3:16 PM Flag

    strong buy !


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    • Iam sure Diker hopes you keep on buying. You would have to note that CMN is on track for 100% churn in its shares this month. That is 100% turnover in ownership.

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      • Okay, we know it is not 100% change in ownership but the more the merrier. Yes Sir, I bought after the drop so I am a new owner with little incentive to sell at this point. You see, the more NEW owners that there are then the smaller the overhead resistance is. With that in place we can move forward meet the new earnings and realize the oversold portion of the recent events. At that point I will have another buy/hold/sell decision to make.

        Happy Hunting

      • hey thanx for telling us we're fools for buying AFTER the stock has fallen 50% and can't get up - you're a genius! hey, do you work for CNBC, they always trot out the "ANALYSTS" who can tell us fifty million reasons why they "KNEW IT" along - after the fact, of course. too funny - do me a favor...

    • Well said -- the last post in the thread.... and you even left a couple of things out.

      1) This is not just a company that has done well for many years, although it IS that.... It's a company with good management and small enough (still) to be very opportunistic. Yes, they hit a "bump in the road." It's priced, however, as if there's not much blacktop up ahead.

      2) They have an alternative to "rebuilding." CMN will be an attractive buyout candidate until (and we're talking 3-5 years out MAX, with 1-3 years being far more likely, IMO) that event actually takes place.... If stock X is even remotely "correctly" priced these days (where X is VERY unlikely to be an attractive acquisition prospect), CMN is not just a very attractively priced stock at a little less than $16 -- it's a friggin' "steal!"

    • I must have missed the part about where the growth was going to come from? Maybe because there isn't any. Can you explain what is so special about their hodgepodge of mature niches and why they will grow significantly?

      Where is the growth? Ain't none as far as the eye can see from what has been divulged so far. The past is not prologue my friend.

      So your assumption is that they are going to buy themselves some growth by doing acquisitions in markets and for devices that have yet to be identified. Sounds pretty speculative, not typically what you see on the big board.

    • for taking the time to read this thread, all this nonsense about valuation is pretty academic, as the stock seems clearly in the hands (and at the mercy) of the specialist and bottom fishers, not the best groups to be trading on this side of...

    • sure, but i would submit that stocks that may rise/drop 50% tomorrow but haven't yet today are SOMEWHAT speculative too. if anybody knows which those will be, please IM me - i hate speculation and want to avoid investing in anything involving speculation...

      on another topic, anyone know where our lovely asian lotus flower has slipped off to?

    • "i hate speculation and want to avoid investing in anything involving speculation..."

      Not an attack here, but you shouldn't be in small cap issues if the above statement truly reflects you feelings. Maybe you should avoid the market altogether and look at Mutual Funds. You would still be speculating there. Maybe good ole I-Bonds are for you, no speculation and very little sure thing gains!

      Happy Hunting

    • I think he was being sarcastic. :)

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