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  • subnr1 subnr1 Sep 19, 2005 4:40 PM Flag

    OT: lemonyellow: CKCM OT

    if you like to catch stocks that have sold off in a manner that some feel was unwarranted, then you may want to check out CKCM..

    true, it did rise very fast, so it was a set up for a correction. and it did... (I bailed out at around $26) but since the sell off, it has kind of established a base at around $18+ a few pennies...

    it just made an attempt at a move upwards on a volume spike. Only to have the bad luck of trying to do it when other economic issues of some negativity are in play...

    but in spite of that, look at the volume trend over the last 3 days, it has been declining.. rather than accelerating.. means it should be able to hold the $18 range... and take a look at it on a WEEKLY scale. On a weekly scale, the price trend is "quietly" upwards..

    just for info. Disclosure, I am a holder of shares...

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    • well CKCM broke thru the $18/sh barrier yesterday, tho volume was less than the 50DMA, although that doesn't make me feel a heck of alot better about it.
      the general market has it now. as the market goes, so goes CKCM... and that isn't good...

      now I wonder who sold or if the market makers went after some stop loss orders... $17 is my max pain point.

    • One of Yahoo's few good points -- the "no message" resulting in a headline with <EOM>...

      but I *DID* want to add one thing.... I, too, am mostly about fund'ls, with a real love-hate thing re T.A. (recognizing that I LACK any REAL expertise but find it seductive at times).

      Anyhow, I have found that there are occasional managers --'s institutional section lets you look over their shoulders easily -- who are very "sympatico." Perritt is one such, and their decent-sized stake in CKCM is more than a little "fortifying."

      I had gotten out of all things tech a while back (sensing that I had too much company), being about 40% each in banks & energy, but CKCM looks VERY interesting. Again thanks -- whatever happens!

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