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  • lawwman719 lawwman719 Sep 17, 2009 9:41 AM Flag

    Dont Sell

    Broke thru $50. Looking good!!

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    • back in at 48.57. Earnings coming up should be very predictable.

    • trading and day trading are two very different strategies. I trade stocks, looking for overbought or oversold indications to make a trade. This strategy has proven well in almost every stock. Of course some stocks that continually go up, like AAPL or GS, I miss out.

      However, for stocks like FMS, trading is very very rewarding. I've bought and sold it probably 20x in the past 3 years. The return is close to 100%, when the stock has been flat over the 3 years.

      Just sharing my strategy for those who want to benefit...

    • You had it right the first time!! Listen, if you have the money to day trade and can afford it, go right ahead!! But dont forget if you invest in something averaging a 7% percent return, you double your money in 10 years! A 10% return, you double in 7 years. Its called compounding!! And as for KFT, its been a free stock because of the spin-off from MO, and my cost basis is very low and my dividend return is high!! Its a perfect long term investment!! Someday they will be bought out also!!

    • I meant to say selling on spikes and buying on dips.

    • Can't say I know much about Day Trading to do it successfully, but I can observe a stock trading within a range, and I'm smart enough to figure that you can make some decent money over a short period of time(not necessarily a day for me)by selling on spikes and selling on dips.

    • I remember it well when MO fell to 19/share and was yielding 10%. Actually, I'm long MO now because of its 7% dividend.

      You may want to check your great investment in KFT. The stock is lower today than it was in 2001. That doesn't sound like a great buy and hold.

      If you look at the great companies in almost every industry (GE, IBM, MSFT, MRK, BE, SLB, RIG, K, PG, JPM, WMT, etc, etc), a buy and hold strategy did not provide a great return (over the previous 10 years). There are a few exceptions of course, AAPL.

      Another great strategy is long 1/2 the shares and trade 1/2 the shares. FMS is a decent candidate for this strategy. SYK is another

      From my 24 years investing in the market, trading in and out has been very, very profitable.

      Good luck with your stategy. The only reason I invest is to make money. Trading works.

    • FMS is not a buy and hold stock. It is a great stock to trade. I got out at 50.10. Will buy it back if it falls to 46 or lower.

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