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  • hull737 hull737 Mar 7, 2009 8:29 AM Flag

    What I think....

    This recession is not near a bottom.
    If you look at charts for DOW, 21 years ago the DOW was at 2,000.
    Not that long ago. I called 7,000 when we had a false rally up to 9300.
    My belief was all bets were off if we go below 7,000. We have. Laugh all you like but cringe when we head towards 2,000.
    Capitulation must happen, until 401s etc stop funneling money into these indices ( and artificially propping them up )market goes down.
    Thank God I got out of this fund in first qt. of 2006, after it went up 10 %. Year early, I agree, but not Late.
    Just one person's take on this Horror Show ( and no one has gone to Jail? ).
    There were too many paper Millionaires in this country, Big Boys had to make sure worker bees kept working.Baby Boomer Early Retirement....Gone in The Twinkling of An Eye.

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