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  • isrg_fan isrg_fan Mar 19, 2012 8:38 PM Flag

    Important facts for new MAKO watchers (link)


    2007 4Q: 97 procedures
    2008 1Q: 102 procedures
    2008 2Q: 140 procedures
    2008 3Q: 159 procedures
    2008 4Q: 200 procedures
    2009 1Q: 265 procedures
    2009 2Q: 358 procedures
    2009 3Q: 418 procedures
    2009 4Q: 561 procedures
    2010 1Q: 731 procedures
    2010 2Q: 793 procedures
    2010 3Q: 815 procedures
    2010 4Q: 1,146 procedures
    2011 1Q: 1,304 procedures
    2011 2Q: 1,557 procedures
    2011 3Q: 1,813 procedures
    2011 4Q: 2,258 procedures
    1/9/12 Guidance from management is 11-13,000 procedures for 2012

    Where do you think this will lead to in 5-7 years?
    Reminds you of ISRG's growth in the early days, huh?

    MAKO is going to be a 10-15 billion dollar company in 5-7 years. 6 to 9 times what it is now.

    It won't be a straight shot upwards. It will be '2 steps forward, one step back....repeat'

    You probably missed most or all of the ISRG run. Here is your 2nd chance. Don't blow it.

    The link has a comparison between MAKO and ISRG.

    MAKO is following the same pattern as ISRG 8 or 9 years ago.

    They sell the systems
    They sell the implants and disposables
    They sell the Service

    Just like ISRG (although ISRG does not sell implants)

    Once a hospital invest into acquiring one of their implant robots and trains their surgeons, they are unlikely to switch to some other technology with a huge reason to do so.

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