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  • donknute donknute Feb 6, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    Per ST, 6 known NEW MAKOs as of 1/31/13

    Mako's new policy is not to list hospitals on their website until the end of the quarter. None of these are listed. Some had their own PRs in January, others had other clues (ie seminar ads, etc) to their existence.

    Jupiter Medical Center- Florida
    Castle Medical Center- Hawaii (part of Adventist)
    Des Peres Hospital- St Louis, MO (Tenet)
    Central Carolina Hospital- North Carolina
    East Cooper Medical Center- South Carolina
    Memorial Hermann Memorial City- Houston, TX (affiliated with Univ of Texas)

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    • Thanks to Donknute for the update and hkb93 for attending the seminar in HI - please don't forget to keep us posted. This looks to be the first system sale in HI. This has implications for future international expansion into Asia. I know there are RIOs being beta tested/soft launched in Thailand and Hong Kong, however, many affluent Japanese and Korean patients travel to HI for American state-of-the-art surgeries. Hopefully Hawaii will be a stepping stone to Asia sales.

    • Does anyone know the average time frame from install to first procedure?

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      • Good question. I don't think there's a reliable average time. MAKO books the sale after the unit is installed and at least one surgeon is certified. Many have some of their surgeons certified before install at MAKO's training centers, others wait due to scheduling. And then you have a scheduling issue of previously booked surgeries to work through before you can get your 1st makoplasty on the OR schedule depending on hospital size, # of MAKO surgeons, etc.

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    • Thanks good info. Good to see they are still rolling out new machines which will result in exponentially more procedures.

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    • Thanks, how did you find them. MAKO should change that really dumb policy, the street needs confidence in new sales.

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      • I was aware of some of these but a couple new ones from a list on stocktwits. Was able to confirm all have MAKOs though confirming the East Cooper was trickier as nothing on their website yet but they touted makoplasty in a video uploaded to youtube five days ago. Even if only 4 of these hold up as Q1 vs Q4, not a bad start one month into Q1 considering they sold 5 in all of Q1 2012. Encouraged by total of 30 MAKO RIOs sold in last 2 quarters (Q3, Q4 2012).


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