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  • donknute donknute Feb 7, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    Add yet another Q1 MAKO - Aurora Sinai in Wisconsin

    Q1 is potentially shaping up nicely. *One or two may be Q4 ie Castle Medical Center in Honolulu is borderline as they announced their MAKO on January 3rd with the first patient seminar 7-10 days after that. Still, encouraging a little over a month into the quarter

    Jupiter Medical Center- Florida
    Castle Medical Center- Hawaii (part of Adventist)
    Des Peres Hospital- St Louis, MO (Tenet)
    Central Carolina Hospital- North Carolina
    East Cooper Medical Center- South Carolina
    Memorial Hermann Memorial City- Houston, TX (affiliated with Univ of Texas)
    Aurora Sinai- Wisconsin

    2/6/13 New MAKOplasty knee resurfacing technology available at Aurora Sinai

    "...Two of the orthopedic surgeons embracing this new technology shared their thoughts about bringing this technology to patients at Aurora Sinai. Michael Anderson, MD, from Aurora Advanced Healthcare, said, "MAKOplasty technology allows us to selectively replace only the damaged portions of a patient's knee with pinpoint accuracy, improving quality of life and reducing the pain of osteoarthritis -- so patients will be the true benefactors of this advanced technology."

    Dennis Sullivan, MD, from Milwaukee Orthopaedic Group, Ltd, added, "As an orthopedic surgeon, I'm excited to offer this new procedure at Aurora Sinai. I'm looking forward to seeing my orthopedic patients resume their activities of daily living in a much shorter length of time, as compared to having a total knee replacement -- and that's a definite 'win-win' proposition for everyone involved."

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    • Don,

      You're assessing what was sold in Q1 based on the fact that it's not yet on MAKO's site. But given the fact that they won't update their site until Q1 earnings announcement (in ~ 3 weeks), is it possible a number of these are actually Q4? Just wondering.... if these are real, seems like huge results for Q1.

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      • 1 Reply to brianmmoody
      • Definitely take it with a grain of salt. I'm pretty sure Castle Medical Center (HI) is Q4 for instance and I'm saying potentially Q1 is off to a good start. I figure if only half of these are Q1, we'll end Q1 at 8-9 which is much better than last year's 5 (which missed by two). Investor USA is right in that we need to see utilization rates bumping up. We could end this year with around 210 total MAKOs in place (domestic & In'l) and a utilization above 8 especially given the hip ramp.

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    • New users is one key to success... however, the more critical factor is utilization = procedures growth ...

      Hopefully, MAKO is currently focused on utilization to achieve the metric of 10 procedures/month/Rio, which NOT only generates $ubstantial reveue growth; but more importantly, becoming cash flow positive & profitable ...

      This level of utilization also demonstrates the merits of MAKoplasty for the financial success of the hospitals & surgeons ... success will bred success !!!!!!

      And word of mouth endorsements by patients will create a "Demand pull" in the marketplace whereby surgeons will demand that the technology platform be acquired by the medical center !!!!!!

    • So Don, Do you know ( I can't recall) what the guidance was for the 1/4? The year? Just curious.
      Great research! Thanks