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  • manworksucks manworksucks Apr 23, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    Buy Out

    This company will get bought out if the stock price stays at the current level, lots of big cap companies looking for g growth, need a company like MAKO .

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    • speedlake Apr 23, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

      Is that what you want, a buyout? It seems like you would lose a lot of value that way.

    • I really hope not for awhile at least but it's possible especially with Stanmore out of the picture. Bloomberg reported in September that MAKO was a buyout candidate but that it's market cap was a little higher then the avg deals. That market cap has come down considerably since then.

      "..This may change as larger companies with high cash balances and low debt like Johnson & Johnson, Covidien and Zimmer are in the market for acquisitions.

      Covidien and Zimmer have stated plans to focus on adjacent market opportunities. J&J is looking for deals that generate free cash flow. CEO Alex Gorsky noted in the latest earnings call that J&J is always looking for areas where there is unmet medical need or obvious complements to existing assets. Edwards Lifesciences, Volcano and Thoratec fit some of the M&A criteria set by large-cap medical device peers, based on a Bloomberg analysis. Heartware, Mako Surgical and Nuvasive all treat unmet medical needs and have significant growth potential that may complement an acquirer’s business line.

      Thoratec, Volcano and NuVasive are trading at a discount relative to comparable medical device M&A deals within the past ten years, while HeartWare and MAKO Surgical are trading at a premium."

      Replace ??

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • And there it is....Always the last gasp of the delusional underwater long in denial.


      Zero insider buying even at these levels...All the proof you need that MAKO is done.