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  • norsemanwam norsemanwam May 9, 2013 10:40 PM Flag

    Tracking Every Rio Placement or Guessing on It


    It makes no sense. Look at the final numbers each quarter. Those trying to guess what happens and you are off one, two or three Rio's in upcoming quarter it blows up your numbers. Instead look at whether management is hitting guidance (quarterly) and that my friends is the story in 2013. I would like to endorse those trying to track Rio's but that's not how you play or win at this game. That's not the number to track here although it is interesting it won't move the needle in and of itself nor the stock price unless it were well outside expectations.

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    • Hopefully you are not saying that is something is imperfect, it is not worth doing. If that is the case we might as well all give up now--quit our jobs, quit our parenting, etc. Information has value.

    • Some other board members have also perceived this post as an indirect criticism on Don. Don is by far the best contributor that I have encountered on these boards. He posts spirited comments, precise analysis and useful input. Every single response that he gives is backed by facts and he is always polite and articulate. One does not have to agree with his optimism on MAKO or his investing strategies, but this has nothing to do with the quality of his posts.


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    • You're a but*clown. And you've lost whatever shred of dignity you still had left. Dknute hit the nail on the head and had someone been monitoring it that closely in Q1 2012 many could have gotten early warning on the Big Miss. Kudos to him for sharing the info with the board and not hiding it so he could trade on the info himself in advance. So much more refreshing to have actual info to mull over rather than listening to an incestous brain dead moron blather on about himself.

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