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  • norsemanwam norsemanwam May 30, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    $12.50 Line In The Sand


    Like any good general you know the line of resistance. When it falls so does that line and you take the city. I have no doubt the shorts are right now trying to keep the stock below $12.50. Because if it falls the next move goes to $15.00. With Well Fargo and Mizuho upgrades that line will fall. Today,tomorrow next week it will fall. What did I say about upgrade cycles. Only someone with no experience understands once the analysts turn so will a stock and its price. Most recently saw the same thing play out at Nuvasive. The stock got hit big time with analysts downgrades and the company's fortunes likewise were going South. When they reversed course the stock doubled. Same scenario is going to work here. As Wells Fargo pointed out the iterations on the hip application will drive unit procedures. And thus utilization which will drive more purchases of the Rio System. This is the cycle that will move us out of early adoption to bigger things in the years ahead.

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