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  • makonewby makonewby Jun 13, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    Why is everybody attacking norsemanwam?


    I'm a newby here at MAKO, and when I looked at this board I was surprised by all the attacks on norsemanwam. He is one of the few posters who posts things that I can use to better understand the company and the stock. He also knows all the right people and picks up the phone to talk to investors and management. Instead of attacking him we should thank him for sharing his knowledge.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • 1) He is a delusional megalomaniac (look it up)

      2) The ONLY thing he has EVER presented is his disdain for the CEO, nothing about the product. Nothing about new placements or procedures growth. Nothing about the sector as a whole. NOTHING!

      3) He posts 10 times a day saying the exact same fricken thing with rarely a variation. (see delusional megalomaniac)

      4) He is a self absorbed ACZ who thinks his Schiet don't stink.

      5) He thinks someone or something is "stalking" his computer system even though he has been using Yahoo for years and hasn't figured out Yahoo has system errors ALL THE TIME on these message boards.

      6) And finally he actually thinks we are stupid enough to think YOU ARE NOT HIM!! So you can add an insolent ACZ to the list

    • ^ A new low for Norse or immediate members of his family. Careful makonewby, you're not in his league and he'll soon let you now. Be good, or your off-season trip to Martha's Vineyard will be in jeopardy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy