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  • namfong43 namfong43 Jul 30, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    Nam Fong say 15 for sure, 16, 17, possible if shorts get scared or cover at same time roughly

    I look for possible 23 before aug calls expire. Though 19, 20 can be sustained easily and is far more likely. The thing is with this news tonight, all the hedge funds will decide they don't have enough shares and or it is time to get in big. And so many shorts have to cover. Wed THurs Friday will be up up and up again and the entire weekend to show off Mako to new buyers!

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    • I agree Fridays close is 15 Just think of the worth of the installed infrastructure this company has built

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    • Furnfam, Did YOU not hear the cc? $8.9M in one time charges, another $3M to deflate the value of implant inventory being outsold by another line that they own. That's $12M. Said they are expecting, and confident, that they would sell between 30-33 units in the second half of the year. Utilization rates up, most procedures in any quarter ever, new hip software with a VASTLY reduced registration time for the surgeon, etc. All things analysts like to hear. In fact, common theme from the analysts are how are you coming in ahead of our hip projections, etc. LOL.

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    • u r an #$%$ listener. Did you not hear the conference call ? It was the worst I heard in a while. They have no projected sales for the next quarter. Their earnings pooped - 44 vs -21 expected. tomorrow, morning you will see 12 and by eod, 10.50. There is no relevance to any shorts covering. Results - that is what is important and it sucked.

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      • Pretty obvious, you are a short in serious trouble, but hey you shorted a stock that was at 45 awhile at 12.00 or 13.00.....I tell you wait a couple hours in the morning and hope for the best.... that way when it just keeps drifting up a little more and a little more at a time, you can set up the buy to cover option for when the pump starts, the big PUSH UP! Now the volume will be 3 to 5 million tomorrow and next 15 days you ask me, but hey what do I know, I only traded from 18 to 38, I lost a little on Netflix earnings play but that one was too fun to resist, Mako is business, Mako is obviously a 20 dollar stock right now, you might be able to grab in the morning at 14- 14.50 before the lift, I suggest you cover and go long, could realistically be a quick ride to 45, so much money out in the hands of the foolish, who might all like to get smart and grab a lot of MAKO ASAP!

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