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    • statement is that Bush is President. Dell being number one in the world in PCs is going to be their own pariah and downfall. It is plainly obvious from Michael Dell's statement of trying to obtain 50% of the PC market is a defensive play on his part. Maybe the only play the company has right now. Dell has to continue to gain market share in order to maintain a chance of meeting earnings and profits in the future. There is only so much reorganizing they can do, only so many people they can lay off where the law of diminishing returns comes into play. And eventually that will happen with the PC as well. And they are probably already there with the prior areas. All investors should all be concerned that Dell is stressing a commodity market that is showing less profit and less demand every day instead of aggressively expanding into other areas like HP, IBM, or even Compaq are doing these days.
      Watching Dell these days is like watching a tired worn out mountain climber trying to reach the top of the mountain. He keeps going up that steep rocky, rough mountain side instead of looking for a better way up and soon is worn out and tired from the climb. Soon he is slipping as his grip gets weaker and weaker. Sooner he is starting to slide back down the mountainside faster and faster until he CRASHES hard to the bottom. Can you hear the scream as he goes down and thud when he hits because he was too dumb to realize his mistake and change course? Oh I can and it is hurting my ears.

      Remember the law of diminishing returns. It will be here sooner than you think. Enjoy your bliss of ignorance until then Dell stockholders.