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  • optionsmygame optionsmygame Mar 28, 2007 11:55 AM Flag

    DELL holding up pretty well

    Your numbers are right, but I look at it more from a chart perspective. DELL still holding above its 5MA and not all that much below resistance of $23.50. I think its the low volume that keeping this from dropping more. Have to get back to my HOG puts, making a killing on that one.

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    • Have to get back to my HOG puts, making a killing on that one. >>

      You mentioned this one before,I thought you were thinking of going long.Do you buy front month out of the money puts? I've always had more luck with straight shorting,than buying calls or puts,thanks for the input,I'm still short Dell,I hope it finally pays off,good luck!

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      • For HOG - I'm in the May $60 strike puts. I like to go out at least one month past the current month to give myself more time. Unless I know of a catalyst, or some event, only then do I buy current month options. I also only buy options that have a delta greater that 0.45. NEVER buy optins with low deltas. You want to capitalize on the stock move, why buy option with delat of say 0.25 (most likely OTM) and stock moves $1, your option only goes up 0.25 - thats not good enogh for me. I also NEVER buy options lower than say $1.50 - just dont like options cheaper than that - buy less, but more ITM - you will do better - trust me - been there - done that.

    • Thanks for the explaination. That makes sense. We need somebody to yell "Fire!" and get people selling this POS stock!