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  • mariontheveterinarian mariontheveterinarian Feb 7, 2008 8:58 AM Flag

    Dell employees leaving in masses over new comp plan

    My son works for Dell. Two days ago, Dell rolled it's new compensation plan to employees. In Public, on HR generalist's exact words were to the inside sales team were, "People need to stop looking at commissions as part of their salary and look at it as a bonus instead."
    Can you say, "idiot." HR like this is a clear sign for everyone to get exit now. No motivation. Nothing to look forward to. No passion. The soul of Dell has died. That is no joke. Managers were told by Regional Sales Managers told inside sales managers they fought against the comp change but they could do nothing about it. RSM's told inside managers that would not be happy with the new plan and that many of their inside reps would probably leave..they even suggested that some of the inside managers they were speaking to would probably leave.

    What a disaster. Although, the comp plan rolls to inside sales, field sales, and management, Dell continues to go down the path of Gateway at this pace. If you can't motivate your employees, it will come back in sales and customer allegiance.

    A new Area VP for Healthcare, Ed G. came on board last week and offered a nice token gesture..anyone with a deal over $800,000 would get a $25 coffee gift card. He sure earned a lot of credibility with that team. Not. The reps felt spit on. Can't blame them.

    I told my son to leave as fast as he can. The worst part is that Dell no longer paid, "salary" but a draw. If you did not hit a certain attainment, you literally had to pay Dell back! Nice.

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