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  • johngooch56 johngooch56 Dec 8, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    courthouse arranged murder plot, $500 billion stolen

    John Paul Gray,, aka John L. Gray and Michael Dell and Bill Gates are trying to kill me for Windows Electra software with failed attempts. I received a arranged traffic ticket from one of their harassing cops and paid most of the ticket by the due date, I received a letter asking for a additional $1000 or a new court appearance with no acknowledgement of anything received.

    This is all a arrangement to harass and threaten, they threaten me everyday with thousands spent a day on plants and harassers, they are completely consumed with murdering me for Windows Electra software, their thefts thus far exceeds $500 billion, Michael Dell steals more from the lighted mouse invention than anyone in the world, originally stolen from John Paul Gray.

    Steve Jobs stole the Ipad invention design from me and Windows Vista exists because of my designs.
    Bill Gates and John Gray are heavily involved in satanism and numerology. They are desperate to steal Windows Electra software from me.

    Sadly, I have to post this note for my safety, the note is being posted just in case their fantasy is fulfilled, they will be held responsible for my death and will never profit from Windows Electra software.

    John Gooch