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  • finalfor28 finalfor28 Jan 23, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    If deal happens expect $12 - $13

    Dell has been in trouble for a long while now. Losing share, decreased earnings and failed products right and left. They tried and failed to join the smartphone market, the tablet market, etc and every attempt was squashed by Apple. They have no choice but to accept a PE bid and regroup without the visibility that a public company has to conform to. Having said all that what makes anyone think that PE will pay up for Dell? If anything I think this will be a take-under from the current PPS. All the closed door meetings now are to entice the larger holders to vote yes. They will be given some other form of compensation for this vote. More importantly, they won't have to watch their holding here plummet back to the single digits. As is always the case, the small individual investor will lose. Just a sad but simple truth.

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