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  • ellerbebil2 ellerbebil2 Feb 9, 2013 1:55 PM Flag


    What we are seeing is very disturbing. On the one hand we see M.Dell trying to steal the company. What disturbings me is he did not think anyone would comprehend that. However, what is worse is this offer is so incompetent that one has to wonder about M.Dell. No wonder the company is not doing better. How could anyone with any experience make an offer without having quietly checked to see if the Institutional shareholders were aboard. There are many quiet ways to put feelers out to be sure that the offer would be accepted by a majority of the shareholders. He honestly believes that he could cram this offer down these fund manager's throats. What hubris. He thinks he is smart and everyone else are idiots.
    What is worse, this deal is not going to get done. I assume that M.Dell will very soon withdraw the offer and return to being CEO. He has now proven for all the world to see he is incapable of managing anything. Instead of buying the company, he needs to sell his shares and allow the BOD to get someone capable to turn this giant around. He is certainly not capable.
    As shareholders we have two hopes: that Larry Ellison with the former CEO of H-P will make a $16.50 offer and let M.Dell retire or M.Dell will retire and allow the BOD to hire someone capable of righting this ship.
    The emperior has no clothes; M.Dell is a proven incompetent.

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