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  • sainimd sainimd Feb 10, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

    Bashford and other people trying to scare us

    These are guns hired by Silver Lake and Michael Dell and Microsoft to scare people to sell so that they make tons of money.

    Some of the comments made by Bashford are stupid.

    I have to wonder why such an idiot spends all day on this board and other boards telling us we have to sell. Otherwise, the stock will go even lower.

    The only people who make money in this case by Bashford are people who bought the stock under 13.65 in past few months.

    Just about everyone who purchased stock in past 18 yrs and holding it is going to lose money on this deal.

    Bashford, why don't you post your real picture on this post.

    Do you have a job?

    What else do you do other than spend the whole day looking at these posts and say things to scare.
    Tell us who pays you.

    Is it Silver Lake or Dell or Microsoft?

    Are you going to change names and post other stupid things under other names?

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