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  • cspanosmwc cspanosmwc Mar 7, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Three possible outcomes

    1. Deal goes thru for $13.65 and all this smoke and nonsense evaporate.
    2. Deal falls thru, as do Icahns absurd dividend idea, and the stock goes back to $11
    3. This drags on forever, but the stock never gets above $15, eventually either option 1 or 2 occur and
    only the lawyers make money.

    Dell is in a declining business, with collapsing margins. With much of their cash trapped overseas, they can barely hold the valuation they are assigned.
    6 months from now, odds are this stock will either be gone at 13.65 or it will be abandoned and at $12 Icahn will be a laughing stock.
    You cannot just create value and hollow out Dell with a $9 special dividend unless the stock goes to $3 to do it.

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