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  • asj48493 asj48493 Apr 1, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    About to Make Biggest Run in Market

    Concurrent (CCUR) fundamentally is extremely undervalued, needs to double to reach comparable valuation ratios vs. its #1 rival Seachange (SEAC). CCUR has gained 12 straight months and 8 of the past 9 trading days, giving it the best looking chart with the most momentum in the market. CCUR is currently $7.91 and as soon as CCUR breaks through $8 strongly, it could rally to $12-$15 range within following 2-3 trading days.

    CCUR is $7.91 with only 9.2mm o/s $24.6mm in cash no debt and enterprise value of $48.17mm or 0.77X revenue of $62.59mm. CCUR's gross margins of 58.81% exceed SEAC's gross margins of 50.18%, yet SEAC is trading with enterprise value/revenue ratio of 1.89, which would value CCUR at $15.53. CCUR's net income last quarter was up 100% from previous quarter and up 300% from two quarters ago. CCUR has $24.6mm or $2.67 per share in cash and no debt. After subtracting its cash per share from share price of $7.91, its business is being valued at $5.24 per share. CCUR's non-GAAP EPS last quarter of $0.125 equals $0.50 annualized, valuing CCUR's business at an insanely low 10X earnings!

    SEAC is currently $11.89 and expected to report fiscal year 2013 non-GAAP EPS next week of $0.40. This means SEAC has a P/E of 30. With CCUR's annualized non-GAAP EPS of $0.50, a P/E of 30 would value CCUR at $15! CCUR is the global video on demand (VOD) leader with reach of 50mm VOD homes worldwide and clients in the U.S. including Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, and Bright House. CCUR is about to revolutionize industry with new cloud based network DVR technology that will make today's DVR boxes obsolete!