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  • jayhawk2134 jayhawk2134 Jun 21, 2013 10:13 PM Flag

    Carl Ichan will end up owning this company and i am all for it.

    Time to make a change at dell....................................................

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    • Icahn has no other interests beyond his own.
      He has seen the books, and like a good poker player he will play along and keep appearance that he wants to recap the company. He knows he cannot get the funds for it. He knows the company is sick, the stock market is toppy, cost of borrowing money is rising fast.
      He has no love for Dell. He just saw an opportunity, which is gone now.
      So he will make his 30 cents on the stock, collect a dividend of 8 cents and go away.
      He still makes a couple percent.
      His real chance to profit from this deal is gone. When the stock was over $14.
      He would not run Dell, he would strip it to the bone, saddle it with debt, all to make an extra 35 cents per share.
      If the Silverlake offer is declined, the stock goes to 9, not even Icahn wants that.

    • Everything he touches turns to #$%$.

    • Ichan is HORRIBLE! If you want someone to destroy Dell, let him take over. He will carve it up and spit it out piece by piece until there is nothing left but him and his NYC cronies. Your property will be in his pocket and you will think you still own it, but you won't. Do not trust him.