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  • a_littleguy a_littleguy Jul 19, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

    Re: Michael Dell Attempts LOOTING of Shareholders - My Opinion

    I follow you bro. It's like if you (Michael Dell) burrow you neighbors brand new cadillac, fill it with trash, beer cans, and McDonnals wrappers, wreck it into a tree, then come back and offer to buy it from them for scrap metal value.

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    • cell367 Jul 19, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

      Isn't it like DELL sold you his car, then burrowed it back, drove like he stole it, was in a shootout, hired a #$%$ in the back, let his GF drive it, she wreck it, and then he said it wasn't his fault, and he would give you $13.65 for it cause that's way more then anyone else would give you? HEHEHEEEE!

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