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  • stockmeister999 stockmeister999 Dec 16, 1997 9:11 PM Flag


    MUEI and DELL....together by the middle of '98!!!!!!!!

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    • Great advice! We can afford to be arrogant some. DELL is a suberb stock and will shine again. Have been looking to expand my portfolio into I2 Tech. maybe Stevens graphic.Any ideas./ Am looking for solid leads/tips for others as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Happy holidays.

    • I read Yur note and feel for ya...a good reason why I never have bought 1500 in one stck to strt with (bttr to split it up, all that money could have went into 4 or 5 stocks (maybe more).
      Grntd yur profit prbly wldn't be as high if Dell rose, nor yur loss, if it fell. (remember it's a paper loss until yu sell). I doubt 5 stcks would have flln as much...but in thi market lately with this Asian prblm, quite psbl.

      Anyway, the reason I'm rspdg is just to say to you to pls consider this now and in the furture...

      S H O R T s
      Remember:1-Better than half (maybe I'm being too nice) of the
      people on thse boards who are telln' ya Dell (or any othr stock for that mttr) is crap are/or have shorted the stock (they are betting with THEIR MONEY it will fall), or have an axe to grind (maybe because they mssd the run up or whatever). They want
      yu to sell to drive the price down and thus, they make
      the bucks at yur expense and YU LOSE while THEY collect the PROFIT.

      L O N G s
      2: Those who are long the stock and have THEIR MONEY in it
      are betting it will rise in time because of present fndlmntals and/or tech anyls, or past history/earnings,
      whatever. They are obviously aren't gonna dish dirt on it, THEY want it to go up and thus, make a PROFIT.

      Please use yur head...if yu wanted the stock to go to 70
      (77-12/24), wld yu get on these brds and TRUMP IT UP?
      The same goes for 90..would you PUT IT DOWN? Don't be
      scared or intimidated in doing anything out-of-fear, either
      way. If yur goona invest, DO YUR HOMEWORK. Even then yu will
      LOSE, sometimes! Nothing is foolproof, no matter what they tell ya! Its so easy to preach:BUY LOW/SELL HIGH (oldefox). Who rlly knws? If yu bgt Dell last yr at 25 (spilt) and sold at 50 (yu sold hier, but wld hv lost out on the run since). The same
      could be said if yu bgt it now -77 (high or low?) Next Xmas
      it cld be 140 or 40..its all relative.

      Finally (the most import) - Remember it's YOUR money, so make
      it COUNT! GOOD LUCK and Profits in '98

    • First show was in '69 at Temple U. stadium in Philly. Hendrix was the headliner, also Steve Miller. Dead did about 45' of Workingman's, and I was hooked. What are you buying these days? I like CELL (Brightpoint) especially at these prices (13-14). Also ROMC and PMCS. Use my e-mail

    • C&Bullies, you'll be happy with your decission. Now rule #2(IMO)
      Never show anybody your panic(remember your poker face?) This game is sometimes worse than poker(at least W/poker, you hold your own cards) While I appreciate where you were on Friday,(been there many times, there right now on other stocks) To get sinscere or better stated 'accurate' info. here, you have to wade through a lot of b.s. and then be able to deciffer which it which. Quote to remember:

      "hot as a pistol, but cool inside" --Robert Hunter
      Keep cool!

    • Thanks for your time and effort in responding. I really appreciate it.
      I've decided to hold for the long term - at least three years and just suffer the agonies of "ups and downs."
      When I bought, I said to myself....well, it's your first "BUY" and (since you don't really know what you're doing) just expect to lose it all. Chalk it up to experience - and move on.

      I'm chalking, it seems! Hey, life goes on.

      Have a great Holiday. Will check for your name in future messages.


    • Since everyone will be buying, they better get in quick. Be careful! This little elf may be trying to give himself a little present.

    • Guess everyone will be buying docu tommorrow since its posted everywhere.

    • Right yu are cyfaire...the goat is busy pissin' on CSCO along
      with DELL (SEE MSG #395-CSCO).

      PS> I hope Santa ain't spreadin' some reindeer dung (I, for
      one, ain't about to find out) He's hoppin' from board to board!

    • For as interesting a company as DELL is, its too bad that its YAHOO board is one of the worst. People like "cyfaire" and "nrabbini" get too caught up in their emotions and never provide any information or market insights. One good thing about the board is that the history of people's comments remains for all to review.

      As long as: 1. the market doesn't collapse and 2. DELL's fundamentals don't change, DELL may be one of the best short term technical plays in the market.

      Refer to my msg#208; bought at 79, sold at 91 (for which I was ripped in this board) Fortunately, I also shorted the stock when it hit 94 a few days later, and just covered my short at 77(38% return in five weeks). I am now going long below 79, and sell when it goes over 90 and short if over 94.

      Note: the high end of this range will get squeezed as long as the market has jitters over the overall market valuation. I will review this technical play when we get within a week before any earnings announcement.

    • Great sermon and super advice..

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