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  • momsfund momsfund Feb 6, 1998 10:03 PM Flag


    Impeach_Bill - he's out to drive you baaty!

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    • Applied Materials will be announcing earnings on tuesday.
      Applied Materials has nothing to do with Dell's price since DELL
      is benefiting from the asian problems due to component costs while AMAT is hurting due to canceled or delayed orders.

      My question is this. AMAT is one of those bell weather tech stocks. What it does and says on tuesday will effect the tech market good or bad, especially chip makers.

      Do you think it will have any effect on Dell's stock ? What I mean is if AMAT talks of asian problems and brings down its stock and other stocks, will Dell be effected any, such as
      maybe a few point loss or more.

      Basicly, I own both stocks along with CPQ and INTC. I want more DELL and I want to buy before the 18th. I was wondering if I should wait for AMAT to make its announcement first to see what happens to techs in general.

      A side note, I live in austin and work for a big high tech company(not DELL or AMAT). Dell has around 9000-10000 employees in Austin and plans to have another large expansion in Austin
      along with Scotland. They may become the largest high tech employer in Austin soon after the new campus is built.

      They are very aggressive. I see atleast several very strong years ahead. Its basicly down to them, CPQ, DELL and HP.

      I also heard that AMAT is no longer allowing workers unlimited overtime due to the slowdown.

      To make a long story short, for those Dell fans out there,
      should I buy Monday, wait for AMAT on tuesday or wait until
      after the 18th or ....

      I appreciate any help.


      They are aggressive

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      • It doesn't matter when you buy Dell if you're going to hold it
        for a year or more. Any small difference on what you buy in
        at will be nothing but noise a year later. If you try to time the
        market you'll be sorry. Just get in and stay in. If you're a
        trader, as opposed to an investor, pick a different stock.
        This one is an investor's dream and a trader's nightmare.

        On Applied Materials... chipmakers (and those who make
        chipmaking equipment like Applied) generally move in the
        opposite direction as Dell stock. Intel is an exception to that
        rule. The reason - when times are tough for chipmakers that
        means lower component costs for Dell. Dell quickly passes
        the cost savings on to customers and that results in more
        sales, at the same margin. Because Dell has the most
        inventory turns of any computer maker, turns every 11 days,
        this aggressive cost cutting puts huge margin pressure on
        competitors who either lose customers or margin as a result.

      • If you are a long-term investor in dell, it does not matter when you buy it as the stock will be up in several years. I have made(if I sold now) 50 times my money in dell, and I think it will be 100 times what i paid for it by 2000.