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  • Rachimov Rachimov Mar 23, 1998 5:15 PM Flag

    <ot>Pssst, Zimmy

    Was wondering if you sold your CPQ puts yet? In my experience, the most important short term indicator is where the buying
    is happening(for the security not the option) on the down or uptick. If institutions are buying on the uptick (ie. block
    trades on the uptick) it's usually a bullish trend. If you have CPQPE, the last chance you may have to profit from them is the day
    CPQ announces, if they are worse than expected (not likely), and that is kind of cutting it close if CPQ is at or over 25 at the
    I am not sure when DEC announces, but if it is sometime before APril 19th, that may be another time when CPQ could potentially dip, but if the US SEC approves before then, you are probably out of luck.
    I notice Dell is still floudering, I hope some of the other dell shareholders took my adice on protective puts. Dell is still not fulfilling any Zimmy prophesies, I hope you will be more humble in the future on any supernatural insights you might have on the stock market<g>
    Hopefully a good earnings report will stop any hemmorage of cash flow to the security.
    Good luck to Dell longs in May