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  • luckyrex2000 luckyrex2000 Sep 7, 1998 9:34 PM Flag

    Mr. Soros is looking for work...

    at a restaurant near you, soon.

    his 20B
    fund has lost 3 in russia, 5 in hongkong, 3 in
    3 in indonesia, 4 in tokyo and another 3 when
    market open tomorrow in the U.S. Like to see him hand
    out fries and coke for a change!

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    • You have mail!


    • Let me clear up some of the points you have

      You said Soros is like Robin Hood. Robin Hood took
      money from the rich and gave it to the poor. What Soros
      did was to rob everybody whether you're poor or rich.

      The only thing I will agree with you is Indonesia.
      The suhato family and their friends and relatives are
      indeed corrupt and they should be punished severely.
      However, that is Indonesia. What about Hong Kong,
      Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia? These countries are not under
      the rules of a dictator. You are dead wrong if you
      even imply that these countries are also corrupted. As
      a matter of fact, I can tell you this, any corrupt
      HK government officials will be punished severely
      under the law. The HK government (where I came from)
      has strict regulations to protect the government from

      The only problem with this countries except Indonesia
      is that they have grown too fast too soon without
      proper control. Who do you think they borrow the money

      HK and Singapore both have very efficient banking
      systems with very transparent spreadsheets (unlike Japan
      and Korea).

      Well, what do you have to say?

    • Mr. Soros must have been smart to accumulate his wealth.

      Russia is totally dominated by the mafia and criminal elements.
      That makes it a bad place to invest.


    • soros is pretty dam stupid. i'm still trying to figure out how he accumulated his wealth.the russian mafia runs russia thats the way it is -they have most of the countries wealth

    • Mr. Soros does not want Russia to become a
      communist country again. So he has encouraged investment in
      the economy there. He has also risked and lost much
      of his own money in Russia.

      He did not
      trigger a crisis by saying that Russia should devalue
      currency. He saw what was happening and correctly pointed
      it out.

      The government and officials from
      Russia are corrupt. They sole money from U.S. taxpayers,
      World Bank, IMF and many investors. There is no legal
      system there and it is still not legal to buy and sell

      Mr. Soros has good intentions in Russia. I think that
      he is naive and misguided.


    • Don't get so emotional and obscene; I haven't
      insulted anybody or said that anybody deserves to be
      torchured economically. I come from a country with corrupt
      government and I tell you, nobody, not even Soros, can hurt
      people as much as their own government's corruption.
      When things go wrong politicians will blame it on El
      Nino, the USA, the neighboring country, Soros, etc.
      They never admit to their corruption draining the
      resources from the country into foreign bank accounts, and
      destroying jobs in their economy. Look at Indonesia. They
      blamed everything on Soros, but guy who resigned (don't
      have his name right now) had enough cash to
      single-handedly pay off Indonesia foreign debt (dozens of
      billions of $$$). The President of the USA makes less than
      a $1 MM a year. If this guy was honest and making
      $5 MM a year, over 20 years and compounded, his net
      worth would only be around $ 1 billion (assuming he
      saved it all and paid no taxes). Where did his other
      dozens of billions of net worth come from ? Why didn't
      he reinvest those funds into his own country to help
      its economy, instead of keeping them abroad? Who
      tortured Indonesia's people ?

    • It's a 2 year hold, so I think I'll be fine long
      term. It goes in the closet, along with INTC.

      guess on BAC is that the exposure in Latin America is
      huge, but the expectation for bad news is greater. The
      trick on that one is to pick the entry point - after
      most of the bigs drops have happened but before the
      news is out. Then I'll need to hold it for 12

      Seriously, AOL is the only trade on the plate now. I'm even
      twitchier than the market. So everything else is optimistic
      long term planning. (Remember, we liquidated a bunch
      before the big fall so are cash heavy, even with the
      buying. It's mostly going to bonds, but core holdings
      seem attractively priced.) Oil looks good, but I don't
      know enough about commodities to even guess a bottom
      by any method other than share price movement. And
      right now that's hard to guage, with "value" being a
      possible upside trigger. Like I said, I'm

      Dell? Who knows. The last "whoosh" was recovered from
      fairly quickly in large caps and December was a one-day
      event (that's when small-caps lost almost all momentum)
      so how do you evaluate a volatile issue in a mixed
      to down market? I'm with you, I wouldn't want to be
      the average day trader right now.

    • Do you think that SOROS is Robin Hood?? Due to
      *ucking gambling on poor country, many good people are
      enormous torture!!!
      Sometimes people take a suicide
      with their family due to economy crisis. Economy
      crisis to them is totally differnt from 500 point losing
      of Dow to American
      You know that??? Donation to
      Russia??? This is kind of mean behavior for tax
      reduction.(Anyway, this is nothing to better though)

      Do you
      think if goverment is corrupted, people in that country
      deserve to severe torture????? If think so, eat your
      *ucking Dick!!!

      I will pray on your family to have
      a same tragedy if you do not regret your

      From devil

    • wondererer, I take it you mean something OTHER
      than equity investing. hehehe

      <gasp> have you come to appreciate the volatility and
      upside potential brought by short-sellers? I have to say
      the effect is rather muted in a large cap, but it
      sure is fun to watch covering on a small cap. Mad
      scramble doesn't begin to describe what happens in an
      issue with an ADV of 250K or less. (Hedge funds are
      much smoother. The stock steadily trades at a clip of
      +/- 5K shares, either sideways or up an 1/8th - if
      the trader is good. That's fun too, if not as

    • Never cared for the wire, now the

      Just a joke, I'm strictly a low risk type (not a play
      it safe though -- there is a

      BAC? I don't know, how bad is their Latin America
      exposure? (As Anangel noted, banks can be

      AMAT? I'll keep my finger crossed that it makes a move
      for you.

      As you may know, I'm fully insured on
      INTC. Good luck.

      Oil's been such a tease lately
      that I'm trying to keep to my resolve not to respond,
      regardless, until I get a chance to see the latest numbers on
      crude inventories.

      Oh, DELL. 20% up, or down, or
      nowhere over the next few weeks -- it's times like these
      that make me glad that I don't quick trade.

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